About Liana Taylor

Liana is an innovative psychologist at the intersection of Western Psychology, Mindfulness and embodied enlightenment. She founded the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness, pioneering the field globally nearly 2 decades ago. 

She has been at the radical edge as a Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years synthesising the essence from divergent ideas, concepts and practices in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, NLP, alternative modalities, Functional medicine, leadership theory, political philosophy, Argentine tango, music and the contemplative traditions.

Liana works with some of the most talented, successful and gifted innovators, creatives, visionaries, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and ethical business leaders on the planet – inspiring them to fulfil their epic missions.

Some are flying high and want to further expand their vision of what is possible for themselves and humanity. They want to cultivate greater wisdom, artistry and joy, live a more enlightened life, and dream beyond their wildest dream among peers. They want their intergenerational legacy to count.

Some are burnt out or bored and hungering to know how they might listen to the silent whispers of their hearts, turn the light on, and start to know what is next in their journey toward a more inspired life.

Some are the wealthiest and most successful people in the world with mental health challenges living quiet lives of desperation, and they need a wise, trustworthy way to find their way through.


Liana knows they want five things:

1. Inspiration: Feel inspired, expanding visions of what is possible

2. Enlightenment: Evolving wisdom and embodied enlightenment

3. Artistry: Develop artistry and elegance in their craft/mission

4. Connection: Feeling deeply connected to like-minded people

5. Adventure: Being playful, bold and audacious – both for the joy of it, and to make things happen.


Liana’s profound sense of adventure, creativity and kindness support her unwavering conviction that the more evolved and enlightened people are, the greater service to humanity their social changes will make for generations to come.

Deeply knowledgeable, practical, authentic and beautifully intuitive. Liana inspires an adventurous spirit, and creates magic in the ways she touches lives and transforms one’s sense of oneself.